NWTN showcases mobility and energy solutions at COP28

The Rabdan Muse EV is a highlight of the NWTN stand at COP28
NWTN exhibition showcases clean energy generation, storage, and usage technologies and Made in the Emirates new energy vehicle Rabdan Muse at COP28

NWTN, the eco-conscious mobility technology company, is showcasing its passenger-centric premium solutions at COP28 in the UAE.

Headquartered in Dubai, NWTN is a homegrown success story, with a full vehicle assembly facility in Abu Dhabi.

As well as new energy vehicles, NWTN is exploring opportunities in the entire clean energy value chain, including photovoltaics, green hydrogen power and energy storage.

This strategy is explored and explained in NWTN’s joint 150 sqm stand, in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), Abu Dhabi Ports (AD Ports), Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), and China Construction.

On the first day of COP28, NWTN attracted UAE media, underscoring its commitment to promoting passenger-centric mobility solutions and a cleaner energy ecosystem. The highlight was a special media briefing that detailed NWTN's partnerships and strategies in transforming the energy landscape.

NWTN's exhibition also received high-profile visits from senior representatives of MoIAT and ADDED.

The exhibition stand features an augmented reality interactive experience, guiding visitors through the clean energy value chain, from the generation of energy to the storage of energy to the utilisation of energy. A standout component is the Rabdan Muse, NWTN's smart passenger vehicle, which epitomises futuristic design, power, comfort, and a unique digital infotainment system focused on passenger-centricity. Muse's display follows its successful unveiling at the annual Monterey Car Week in August 2023.

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NWTN new energy vehicles are Made in the Emirates

NWTN previously passed the inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in aid of its “Made in the Emirates” certification process. The inspection consisted of an audit of NWTN’s supply chain, warehousing, production process flows, quality control and quality assurance in NWTN’s assembly facility located in the Khalifa Economic Zone Abu Dhabi (KEZAD). 

As a result, NWTN can now label its products as Made in the Emirates – Rabdan One being the first new energy vehicle with this mark in the UAE.

The Made in the Emirates mark was launched by the MoIAT as a new quality mark for UAE-made products. The mark aims to increase consumer confidence in local products. It indicates that products comply with national quality and safety standards, which boosts their competitiveness in international markets.

MoIAT plays a crucial role in supporting the UAE's ambitious target of achieving zero emissions by 2050 in several key areas: the promotion of advanced technologies; policy development and implementation; collaborations with stakeholders; encouraging research and innovation; ensuring sustainable industrial development; and education and awareness.

By focusing on these areas, MoIAT contributes significantly to the UAE's goal of achieving zero emissions by 2050, aligning industrial growth with environmental sustainability.

The NWTN stand at COP28 features the Rabdan Muse EV

Additionally, an MoU previously signed with ADDED has the potential to revolutionise the automotive industry in Abu Dhabi, aligning with the Industrial Vision 2031.

Under the terms of the MoU, NWTN has agreed to establish and construct an integrated production line, as well as to expand its factory in Abu Dhabi in adherence to the highest international standards. The MoU also entails mutual cooperation between the parties to expedite the advancement of the modern automobile industry and transportation in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, the MoU aims to foster an innovative community that actively contributes to automotive technology trends, while strengthening collaboration in the green economy and environmental sectors.

ADDED contributes to the UAE's zero emissions 2050 target through several initiatives and strategies, focusing on sustainable economic development.  These include promoting sustainable economic growth; facilitating investments and partnerships in renewable energy and clean-tech industries; implementing green building and infrastructure standards; promoting sustainable transportation solutions; and collaborating with other government entities, international organisations, and the private sector.

In a strategic move, NWTN and AD Ports signed an MoU, focusing on logistics, local manufacturing, shipments, customs clearance, financing, and vehicle distribution. This partnership is set to facilitate NWTN's expansion in the UAE and contribute to the economic development of Abu Dhabi.

As NWTN continues its journey at COP28, it remains committed to its mission of shaping a sustainable future. The company's innovative approach, strategic partnerships, and groundbreaking products are setting new standards in the industry, driving towards a zero-emissions future.

Visit NWTN in the COP28 Green Zone, Technology and Innovation Hub 2.


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