Human Capital Articles

Latest executive moves across the Middle East

Diageo, Franklin Templeton, Siemens and KPMG are among the companies making C-suite appointments in the Middle East


SAP creates new EMEA region and announces new President

SAP has announced it has appointed a new President for a newly-created EMEA region, aiming to make the most of the opportunities of cloud and AI technology

Developing the Green CEO generation

How business schools like INSEAD and Duke CE are increasing sustainability focus in executive education to create the next generation of business leaders

Breaking the menopause workplace taboo in the Middle East

Millions of women leave successful careers each year due to symptoms of the menopause – a loss that companies in the Middle East cannot afford to ignore

AI in cybersecurity: business strategy to boost resilience

Artificial intelligence is the latest weapon in the cyber criminal arsenal, but also a game-changer for businesses building their defences against attacks

Why defending nature is vital to Middle East economic growth

On COP28 Nature Day, Johnny Ayoub, Head of Energy, Climate and Sustainability, IMEA, Oliver Wyman on the business case for embracing sustainable practices


COP28 Talks: Red Sea Global’s Dr Omar Al-Attas

Dr Omar Al-Attas, Head of Environmental Protection and Regeneration at Red Sea Global, shares his COP28 hopes and approach to regenerative tourism strategy

NWTN showcases mobility and energy solutions at COP28

NWTN exhibition showcases clean energy generation, storage, and usage technologies and Made in the Emirates new energy vehicle Rabdan Muse at COP28